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Join Us At An Undisclosed Location To 10x Your Revenue

I Have Teamed Up With Rich Kruse To Bring You An Killer Digital Marketing Event


  • Network With 7 Figure Earners
  • ‚ÄčLearn Industry Secrets That Make BIG Money
  • ‚ÄčLevel Up Your Online Marketing Experience¬†
  • ‚ÄčMake 6-7 Figure Deals
  • ‚ÄčWhere: Disclosed Location
  • ‚ÄčWhen: 4PM EST Sharp

Watch The Life Changing
Footage Of My Last 2 Mastermind Events...

Webinar Cartel Part 1

Webinar Cartel Part 2

Hi! my name is Ricky Mataka
Hi! my name is Ricky Mataka

I've mastered how to make sales online doing over 40+ million in my Career and teaching people around the world for over 12 years.

Recently I have crafted up some amazing strategies that allow us to do less work but make more money 

I have noticed that alot of local and digital business owners are leaving alot of money on the table by not knowing simple yet effective marketing tactics that I have been using for years. So I have showed Rich what is possible and this is how this event even came about.

This is your chance to network with us and learn whats working right now to get thousands of leads and increase our revenue via automation, audience building and much more.

Hi! my name is
Rich Kruse
Hi! my name is Rich Kruse

I am Home Restoration expert with over 30 years industry wide experience. I have crafted many connections thru the years and i'm very well known in this industry. I have worked on complex commercial and residential jobs of all types and have managed large teams.

Recently I have teamed up with Ricky Mataka who opened up my eyes to online strategies that I never even knew existed. Through his help we are created Thrill Homes, a brand that we will take nation wide

If you want to open up your eyes to whats possible online and thru social media then you NEED to join us for this digital marketing event. No matter if your NEW or a Veteran we have something for everyone!

Thrill Cartel LIVE, New Jersey
Uncensored and Unrecorded, is ON!

We Are NOT Recording This Event. Due To The Information
That Will Be Rendered At This Location, Do Not Miss Out!

Click Play For A Personal Message From Ricky

Thrill Cartel is a 1 day intensive event, over 4 hours I will train you on what has made me successful online for over 12 years. The thing that gets me is the strategies have NEVER changed only the platforms and their interfaces.  With all this information over load, I teach thousands of customers how to be successful online. Alot of people follow me for the same reason....
I want to turbo charge your results!!
So If your starving for leads 
then pay close attention!

I Know How To Build Social Media Followings That Make Cash

How About 1.7 Million People Reached In 7 Days??

How About 30K Followers In 14 Days?

How About 18,000 Clicks To My Offers!?

THis is a 4 hour private Dinner EVENT
at an undisclosed location.... (50 People MAX)

Thrill Cartel Starts April 25th & 4PM

You will arrive early on the X as we kick it off 4PM - there will be a series of content and speaking as we release info you will NOT get anywhere else... this is also UNCENSORED AND UNRECORDED. So there will not be any videos afterwards. This is because of the nature of the content we are delivering that is netting us millions of dollars in our business and will not be shared publicly.

Our Mission is to make this truly unforgettable experience. I am no newbie to hosting killer events and this is just the start from me and Rich Kruse as we show you what we are doing in our business to dominate local and online marketing.  
From Ordinary People To Extraordinary People
To Be Honest I Have Way To Many Of These To Post...

10k Just From My Free Trainings


Secrets, Networking, and the Best Way To Double Your Income in 2023? Welcome To The Show!

Event starts April 25th @ 4PM EST

A unique experience: all real integrated training, non-recorded non-disclosure, plus one-on-one day-after-day access to Ricky, Rich Kruse, and the opportunity to grow with us forward 2023

That is nothing short of Amazing Marketing INFORMATION.

 There Is Only 50 FREE Spots!

We Cannot Let More People In... PERIOD


With this option you get a Discount
on Paying For Affiliate Without Risk LIVE
That Gets You Access To Both Click Cartel + OMG Live happening just minutes away.


As Stated In the Videos Above. We Want To Make Sure You Are A Correct Fit To Join Us. So We Will Only Disclose Information
After Connecting With You.

The Event Access Is 100% Free
(A Non Disclosure form Will Be Sent For Signature)

If You Want Up To Date 7 Figure Info LIVE
This Is Your ONLY Private Invite
At Thrill Cartel Event We Will Cover...

Scaling Thousands Of Leads

We run social media traffic for many business models. I will show you show a step by step way to scale leads!

Advanced Email Marketing

I have done multiple millions via email marketing repetitively! I will show you the cycle that pulls in cash

The Tools Of The Trade

My marketing tool box is insane. I will cover the tools you will need and ones I have made well over 7 figures with. This is must having info!

Social Media

I will detail a very specific social media strategy thats not only free! BUT will put your followers on auto pilot.
This is ORGANIC at its best! 

Spy On Your Competiton

I Will Show You Free & Paid Ways You Can See What Your Competition is doing so you can beat them to the punch! Works All The Time

Facebook Traffic 

I have spent multiple 6 Figures on Facebook‚ĄĘ I will show you a COLD TRAFFIC technique that will scale your ads while getting you results!

BONUS CONTENT: My 900K Boot Camp

Everybody That Attends Thrill Cartel Will Get My RAW 4HR 900K Boot Camp I held To Show People Scale Affiliate Marketing With Internal Products and Systems!

ūüöÄ Are You In It To Win It?


This is only happening 1 time and will not be repeated. Also note we can only hold 50 people so once this sells out we will close this page

I Know How To Pull In Online Revenue

Like 852,061 In 12 Days

Like 712K With 7 Days Webinar Cycle

Pulling 169K In ETH In Less Then 24 Hours

226K With No COLD TRAFFIC Just Email...

36k In Affiliate Revenue On 1 Day...

17K Clicks To 1 Offer All Facebook Traffic

Winning 7 Figure Awards Live

I Can Seriously Keep Going...

Want In?
What Does This All Look Like?

25th Of April 2023 @ 4PM EST
4 Hours Of Explosive Information

  • Coffee & Bar, Plus Wine & Beer @ The Venue On Us¬†
  • ‚Äč(4 Hours) Of Over The Shoulder Training By Ricky Mataka 4PM-8PM
  • ‚Äč‚ÄčDinner Buffet Style Served While Your Learning To Earn
  • ‚ÄčNetworking / Hangout Afterwards (Will Be Disclosed At Event)

Be sure to plan ahead there are many hotels in the area that I will list you can stay at.

 most important this wonderful content schedule to help keep you in your seat, and filling up notebook pages!

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